We, the members of Mount Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church, proclaim that we are called in mission by God through his Son who is Jesus Christ our Lord and empowered by the Holy Spirit to:

Rejoice in the Lord in our daily lives and celebrate God’s presence with us in word, deed and sacrament.

Renew ourselves, each other and the community as we experience God’s presence and love for us in worship, music, study and deed.

Reach out to each other, the community and the world in love, caring and service for it is the serving of others that we serve our Lord Jesus Christ.


Laser Focus LogoEquipping all ages to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.

Though it sounds simple, it took a lot of discussion to come up with a succinct statement that could describe our focus at Mount Cross for the next few years. We knew from surveys and conversations that our congregation wants to serve together as a multi-generational community. Our mission remains the same of “Rejoice, Renew & Reach Out in the Name of Jesus!” The laser focus helps us put a spotlight on where we, as a congregation, will focus our energy.