Mount Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church
You are invited to be a part of God's gracious story.

Holiday Worship Schedule

Christmas Eve Service
December 24th at 5pm & 10pm
One Service Only
December 30th at 9:30am
Worshipping Sunday Mornings at 8:30am and 11:00am in University Place, Wa

Starting September 9th, 2018...

We will be worshipping at 8:30am and 11am on Sundays.
Coffee Hour, Fellowship, Sunday School, and Adult Education are all held between services.

There's a place for you here

The heart and
soul of faith.

An invitation
from our Pastor
Pastor JT Burke

I have come to realize that relationships are the heart and soul of a faith community. At Mount Cross, the relationships we share begin with God's love for the world, which is a gift that God freely gives to all through Jesus. Our relationships are nourished and sustained as we get to know one another and God more deeply, and they are grown as God calls us to create relationships in the community and world around us.

This is the life that God calls us to, and a life we live out as we share our stories with one another and listen to the stories of all those around us. What is truly amazing about this, is that not only do we deepen our sense of community, but we also begin to see all the ways that God's story is being told in and through our life together.

I want to personally invite you to visit Mount Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church. You have a unique story that we would love to hear and that can only add to the richness of the larger story that makes up this community of faith.

May the love of God, shown to us in Jesus Christ inspire you and empower you each and every day.

Pastor JT


What to expect

When you visit Mount Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church you'll be warmly greeted and welcomed into this place. We worship together on Sunday mornings at 8:30am and 11:00am. Between our worship services, we offer a time to connect with one another over coffee. Together in worship we'll sing, read scripture, pray, hear a relevant to life message, share in holy communion, and be empowered to go out and share God's life giving story in and through our lives.

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Worshipping Sunday Mornings
at 8:30am and 11:00am

Mount Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church
8902 40th Street West
University Place, WA 98466

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